Photographer Submission Guidelines

We encourage all photographers/artists to submit high quality images, which have high potential to be of interest to our buyers. strives to maintain exceptional quality, and will refuse and delete all submitted images that do not comply with our standards and guidelines.

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Basic Guidelines

  • Image must be your personal work.
  • Image must be at least 2000x2000 pixels in size. The bigger the better.
  • Image must be RGB, saved at the highest JPG quality.
  • Prepare your photos: Crop out and rotate if necessary, adjust levels, curves, color balance, and other essential settings to produce the best looking images.
  • Don't type any text, signature, date, name or add borders on photos. (Your meta data will stay intact)
  • Add a relevant title and keywords to your image, do not spam with unrelated keywords.
  • No all CAPS in title, description, keywords etc.

Resolution & image compression

If you are serious about selling your work, submit high-resolution files, preferably having at least 6-8 million pixels (megapixels).

Do not over-compress your images nor re-size them to a smaller size. (If you save your images from Photoshop or Lightroom, use the highest quality option from JPG available).

Clear and crisp photos

We strongly encourage all members to upload files in the highest resolution possible, so that buyers are able to download high-resolution photos right after payment.

Deletion of images / photographers

We reserve the right to delete any photos from our servers at any time. We also reserve the right to delete accounts of photographers who:

  • consistently upload inferior photos (Low resolution, low quality etc).
  • are not clear about the subject (Wrong titles, keywords).
  • upload photos which are not theirs.
  • have not filled in their complete name, mailing address and other details.

Useful links and articles

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact us.