Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please read below.

FAQ's for Buyers

What format are the photos in?

All the photos sold at are in JPG format unless stated otherwise.

What does "Royalty Free" mean?

Royalty Free refers to a type of contract between two entities (the licensor and licensee), that is employed when licensing the rights to use content, such as photographs. The term Royalty Free means that once the content is licensed under a set of guidelines, the licensee is normally free to use it in perpetuity without paying additional royalty charges.
More about royalty free at

Do you add photos on a regular basis?

Yes, our army of photographers are constantly adding new photos.
Hover your mouse over the Browse button above and select "Newest Textures" link from the menu.

Do you offer refunds?

Once your purchase is made we can not offer a refund. The reason for this policy is because we offer full access to our digital collection of photos and, as such, there is no way for our products to be returned. On a rare occasion we will make exceptions on a case by case basis.

Are there any restrictions on the photos?

Yes. While offers great freedoms and a wide ranges of uses, we do not allow the redistribution of our photos, or allow the use of our photos within products that are mass distributed in any type of archive format.

Is account sharing allowed?

No, sharing an account is no different than distributing our materials to others. Individual accounts must be purchased by your friends and colleagues.

I bought a texture, but I was not returned to a download page, what do I do?

On rare occasions our merchant processors may not send the information of your transaction to our system, so your order may not be automatically activated. Therefore, if you have made a purchase and you are not able to access photos using your details, send a support request. Please note that after a successful purchase we will send you an email including a link to our download section. Your download should also be visible under the "My Orders" page in your account.

FAQ's for Sellers (photographers)

Can I submit photos to sell?

We are open to all quality submissions. Please visit our photographer sign-up page and follow the instructions.

Do I have to become exclusive to

No, you don't.

I don't have Paypal, do you pay via check or bank transfer.

Sorry, but we only use Paypal as a payment processor at this time. We also offer payout via Moneybookers for authors with over 100 photos accepted.

What are the requirements for the submitted images?

Please see our submission guidelines for more information.

How do I edit my accepted files?

Login to your photographer account and click the "View Photos" tab to see your portfolio. Click on the photo thumbnail to edit your info. Please note that when you edit your photo, the file is automatically disabled and submitted to the moderation queue for inspection.

How do I delete my files?

Please contact us and tell us what file you want to delete.

How can I delete my account?

Please contact us with your account info and a reason why you want your account deleted.